Monday, November 1, 2010

Replacing Pheasant Tags

The Connecticut DEP claims they sent me my pheasant tags (that I paid for 6 weeks before the start of the season), but I never received them.  I finally got my tags.  However, I had to drive to Hartford, and sign a sworn affidavit saying that I never received my original tags.  Bottom line, I got my tags.  Finally. 


Editor said...

am interested in what a resident hunting license sells for in Conn.
our sportmans license here is $32

Jay said...

Basic license WAS $28 (hunting and fishing together). Pheasant tags were another $28 on top of that. However, there has been some controversy in CT over license fees. They doubled them, and some people paid the doubled price. Then they reduced the price, so people had to get a refund. I think right now they are still at $28, but I expect them to go up in light of the current state budget. When you add seperate tags for each type of deer and turkey and pheasant season, the final license cost becomes quite high. I pay the basic license fee, then extra for pheasant tags, spring turkey state land, spring turkey private land, waterfowl stamp, state land deer, private land deer, state land muzzleloader. If I were to add archery (state and private land) it would be more. If I were to add private land muzzleloader it would be more. If I were to add fall turkey, it would be more. You can get all the license information at the state DEP website.